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Robonica Roboni-i Hoop Wheel Programmable Robot
The Robonica Roboni-i Hoop Wheel Programmable Remote Controlled Robot Starter Pack includes a smart robot full of personality. The robot’s “moods” come from a number of user defined programs that allow it to adapt its behavior. The more you play with your Robonii the more control it will allow you; but leave it alone for too long and it can become annoyed. Robonii is a fully programmable remote controlled robot with sensors that make it aware of its environment and that enable it to interact with other robots. Unique wheel design uses two loops (hoops or rings) to propel the robot.

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·         Single player, multiplayer, online gaming and modifiable gameplay

·         Remote Control and programmable robot with “personality”

·         Includes many game accessories and customizable gameplay

·         Sensors include Infrared and Light Sensors, RFID & more

·         Unique two wheeled design

·         Recommended Age: 13+


 What makes Roboni-i really different and standout from other robots is its capacity to participate in structured and meaningful game play. In addition to the games that come bundled with Robonii, you can also create your own games and download them via USB to the robot. You and your Robonii can play challenging and fun games by yourselves or as part of a team along with other Robonii robots. During game play you may be required to manage your Robonii‘s power system, protect your assets, collect tokens, neutralize your opponent’s robot by bumping or shooting it, or invoke in-game bonuses to cast spells on your opponents. Programmable and game-playing robots – the future has arrived.



• Agile & mobile 2 wheeled platform

• Micro-processor controlled

• Fully customizable and programmable

• User-defined ‘personality’

• Range of single & multiplayer games

• Uses infrared situational awareness to detect & interact with other robots

• Electronic game accessories

• Manual or automatic ‘shooting’ of other robots or game accessories

• Game editor to create own games

• Scheduled nationwide tournaments

• Active Internet community

• Choice of after-market accessories


What’s included:

• Robonii robot

• Remote controller

• Infrared pod

• Ball scoop

• Electronic game accessory

• Electronic game tags

• Electronic ball

• Getting started instructions

• USB cable

• CD with PC software

• Action games with matching remote control reference cards

• 12 AA standard rechargable batteries split between remote, robot and accessories (sold separately)


• 40 x 20 x 28 inches (packaged in box)

• ~3.3 pounds


The Robonica Roboni-i is no doubt an impressive piece of kit -- great hardware with an astonishing number of customizable options, courtesy of its intuitive programming suite. Control is also a breeze but turning can be better. If the seven games aren't enough, advanced users or even schools can make a creative project out of it for new game ideas. This robot is no doubt a good option for parents seeking ways to enhance their children's logic in a fun way, but as the price tag shows, it's hard to get the best out of it for those who may only buy one unit, so hopefully more schools will see the educational value in it and order a few for their youngsters. Some sort of nationwide robot tournaments for these dudes would be totally awesome too, don't you think?

(Excerpt from Engadget review)