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Bladestar flying machine
The Wow Wee Bladestar Robot Toy changes helicopter flight as we know it. The exclusive Autopilot Mode with sensor-based navigation enables it to glide through the air, avoiding ceilings and flying away from obstacles - or use just your hands to guide it. Alternatively, take full control of the FlyTech Bladestar flyer using its 3 channel digital IR remote controller. Face-off two FlyTech Bladestar flyers in a mid-air battle: Attach the Dogfight accessory to the remote controller, and press the Fire button to take down your opponent, when in range.

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• Revolutionary indoor flying machine
• Sensor-based navigation
• 3 channel digital IR remote controller
• Possibility of mid-air battle
• Ages 8 and up


Made from light "high-flex" materials and designed to be crash-resistant, FlyTech Bladestar flyer is built for indoor use. When it starts to lose speed, simply recharge it on the remote controller until it is ready for its next flight.

• Rechargeable helicopter-style flying action
• Unique hovering action
• Choose from RC or Autopilot Mode
• Using AI, guide FlyTech Bladestar with your hands
• Face-off two FLYTECH BLADESTAR flyers in a mid-air battle
• An indoor only flyer, perfect for all seasons
• Comes with 2 x spare blades, 2 x spare propellers, a Dogfight accessory, and a protective carrying case

Remote controller:
• 3 Channel Digital IR Proportional
• height / power
• forward / back
• left / right

Requires 6 x "AA" size batteries (sold separately)

Dogfight feature requires two FlyTech Bladestars, each sold separately

Winner of CES 2008 Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award