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WowWee Alive Mini
They say..that if you've fallen in love with the WowWee Alive Cubs... you'll fall head over heels for these miniature pets! Plush 8 inch (20 cm) versions of the Lion, Leopard, White Tiger and Panda Cubs will respond to your cuddles with soft baby animal sounds and much more..

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• Animated, soft and cuddly plush mini cub toy
• Responds to affection with realistic baby animal sounds
• Feed him with his included bottle
• Ages 3 and up


The WowWee Alive Mini Cub is now available as adorable miniatures. The 8 inches (20 cm) small and cuddly plush Mini Cub makes soft and endearing sounds from snoring to gurgling. Feed him with the included bottle — his eyes close and they make feeding sounds.

The WowWee Alive Mini Cub is one of the many loveable and huggable baby animals from WowWee Alive™. Playing with him is as close as you can get to have the real baby animal to nurture and take care of in your home. He is a soft, life-like plush and loves to be nurtured. Put his bottle in his mouth and he will make feeding sounds. Just pick him up to see how he reacts.

• 7 adorable baby animals sound indicating his mood
• He knows when you pick him up or lay him down
• He falls asleep when you leave him alone
• Feed him with his included bottle
• Adoption certificate included

What's included

• Alive Mini Cub
• Adoption certificate