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Arimaz Pingo mydeskfriend is your robotic penguin Facebook buddy, a little wireless robot that also responds to voice commands, sing songs, and read aloud email messages, headlines, stock quotes, and weather reports. Pingo looks like a little more fun because he has motion sensors and is mobile and can roll around on your desk.. Pingo connects you to Facebook and other favorite websites in a wildly fun and engaging way.

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An ideal holiday gift for anyone passionate about the latest in gadgets, robotic toys, and consumer electronics, the interactive playmate can zoom around desktops, express moods, respond to voice commands, sing songs, and read aloud email messages, headlines, stock quotes, and weather.


The device integrates into its owners’ Facebook account via a Facebook application that allows users to give their device its own name, profile, and personality, as well as nurture its moods and manage its daily life.

Its tiny, it befriends you and appears to me as slightly creepy. But if you like your social-networking, you’re going to like Pingo. Its a tiny robotic penguin that sits next to your computer and interacts with you, delivers you news, reads emails, RSS feeds, headlines, weather and responds to voice commands – hey it does sound pretty useful! Pingo is also different from other similar products in that it links with the user’s facebook account. It launched two days ago, if you get one of these, you’ll be able to use its dedicated Facebook app to give it a personality, profile as well as manage its daily life.

• Announces emails and messages from friends
• Reads aloud up-to-the minute news, weather and markets via RSS
• Responds to your voice commands
• Zooms, roams, rolls around your desk
• Interacts with other Pingo owners through the Facebook app
• Connects you to your favorite websites even when the browser is off
• Play with Pingo by shaking, poking, or scratching him
• Nurture Pingo and see the mood and behavior changing
• Feed, play with and love Pingo by sending him gifts from the Facebook gift page

Whats included:

• Arimaz Mydeskfriend autonomous robot
• Charging station
• Mydeskfriend visor cap
• USB cable