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Build-Your-Own-Robot Workshop
Presenting "Classroom Robotics Workshops" in select educational institutes and in the form of group workshops across the country! We offer a wide selection of Robot Kits and Development Platforms to cater all age groups from school kids to engineering graduates to R&D centers, hence our target group is 6 year olds+! Building a robot from a kit is the perfect way to learn about robotic technology, apart from the fact that Robot kits are a lot of fun and make excellent educational items. In fact, when one builds and assembles a robot kit, he/she learns about the basics of solar energy, sound energy, light energy, locomotion (running, sliding, crawling, flying, swimming..)physics, mechanics, electronics and artificial intelligence. ..Plus, the excitement of building a 'creature that comes to life immediately' is phenomenal and triggers the child's deep interest in practical aspects of science..

Why ‘Classroom robotics’?

The question to be asked to every educational insitituion in today’s competitive world is “Can we afford to fail in preparing our students for the jobs of tomorrow—jobs that will require skills in analytics, technology, science, and engineering.” This has led to a fast-moving trend across the globe to get “Classroom Robotics” in the schools in the form of a single workshop or regular weekly/monthly classes by all leading academic institutions. Though this trend has taken many an educator by surprise in India, they do want to take part in this new educational phenomenon after computers, but they do not know how!

Bill Gates, the leader of the PC revolution believes that the robotics industry of today resembles the computer industry of early 90s and has declared that the NEXT HOT FIELD will be Robotics!

Why ‘us’?

ü  We are the pioneers and leaders in marketing robotics kits and products of all global brands in India.

ü  We begin our workshop by demonstrating globally best selling robots incluing a Female robot, Robotic Ant, Flying Robot, Home Surveillance Robot, Gaming Robot, floor cleaner robot and Chatterbox robot!

ü  Our experienced core team comes to your campus and conducts customized programs based on all age groups and time-at-disposal through interesting demonstrations and hands-on robot building.

ü  Our sole aim is to sensitize the students to the field of Robotics, unarguably the next big thing, and help them build-their-own-robot using our out-of-the-ordinary and high quality Robotic Kits.

We also offer professional robot development platforms and more interested users wanting to create their own robots from scratch and enroll in various national and international level competitions.