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Hexbug Ant Robot
An excellent mini gift item, the Vex HEXBUG Ant Robotic Creature is the high-speed robotic creature that reacts to touch. This is the newest autonomous robotic creature in the HEXBUG lineup. The Vex HEXBUG Ant Robotic Creature races forward until it encounters an obstacle and then races backward and much more...

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• High-speed robotic creature that reacts to touch
• Races forward and backward
• Batteries included
• Available colors: Green, Pink, Orange, Blue and Red (see options)


It is a speedy six-wheeled autonomous robotic creature. The Ant works much like the other hexbugs, running about on his own while using sensors to avoid objects.

The big difference with the Ant though is the speed improvement. The Ant is supposed to be 10 times faster than any other robotic bug. Like the other models the Ant features a translucent hard plastic body to protect the inner-workings and like the Crab it has sensors in the front and rear so he can avoid objects. The Ant also has long tactile antennas and hooked claws to complete the look. 

• Crawling bugs
• Change its direction when it hits an obstacle
• Fits in your hand
• Batteries included
• 5 exciting colors

Warning: Not suggested for children under 3 years.


• Weight (lbs): .044
• Width (inches): 1.96
• Height (inches): 0.98
• Depth (inches): 2.36
• Number of Legs: 6
• Control: autonomous
• Sound Sensor: No
• Touch Sensor: Yes
• Light Sensor: No
• Battery: AG13
• Number of Batteries: 2
• Batteries Included


Other Hexbugs that include, the inchworm , the crab (hides under dark spaces and reacts to audio stimuli), the ant (programmed to move until it reaches an obstacle at which time it turns around and continues in a reverse route), and the nano (which act very similarly to a bug and will flip itself over if it is placed on its back).

The Inchworm is the first full-range control robotic creature in the Hexbug lineup, and has dual control which allows you to control two separate Inchworms at the same time.
The Crab, the autonomous robotic creature that hides in the dark, the crab will hide in shaded areas until a loud sound or exposure to light chases out in to the open. The crab will change direction automatically in pre- programmed intervals or in reaction to loud sounds.
The ant is a high- speed robotic creature that reacts to touch; the ant will race forward until it encounters an obstacle and then races backward.

So if you are still looking for something really cool to gift your kid , any of the Hexbugs will be great and keep in mind that they are collectible toys….If your kids like collectibles, this would make a great collection.


• Weight: .044lbs
• Width: 1.96"
• Height: 0.98"
• Depth: 2.36"