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Hexbug Nano Robot
The HEXBUG Nano Robot is the newest autonomous robotic creature in the category. It is also the first generation of HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creatures that is collectible and extends the user experience online with a world that reinforces the fun and fascination behind science and discovery through a variety of online challenges and game-play...

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• One Nano HEXBUG (random color)
• Also available in five collectable colors
• Autonomous micro robotic creature
• Behaves like a real bug
• Batteries included


The Vex HEXBUG Nano Robot Creature behaves like a real bug. It flips over by itself. It is available in five collectable colors and includes batteries. Choose the color and design you prefer. This is an excellent mini gift or prize. Hexbug Nano robotic creature skitters around on any smooth surface. These little critters act just like real bugs! You can register your hexbug online to earn points, play games, earn status and learn scientific facts..


·         Crawling bugs

·         Behaves like a real bug

·         Flips over by itself

·         Fits in your hand

·         Batteries included

Powered by a tiny motor and 12 fixed, angular legs, the industrious insect switches direction upon coming into contact with an object in its path, and possesses an uncanny sense of balance, flipping to its feet when turned on its back. Continuing to pay homage to its scientific heritage, the HEXBUG Nano family will include five unique collections, each named after an accomplished scientist. Each collection will include five distinct series, representing key scientific discoveries realized during the time period of its collection. For example, the Newton Collection, available today, includes Gravity, Orbit, Motion, Calculus and Refraction as its five series. Each Series includes five individual bugs, some of which are common while others are very rare, so collectors will need to be on the lookout for certain high point value creatures.


"Hexbug Nano will be an easy impulse purchase as the little test tubes will surely be near the registers this Holiday season. It will be interesting to see if the potential collectible nature of the Nano takes off, this is really the first Hexbug product with both the potential and product support to make it work. Even though we only had one for review, it’s obvious to us that more Nanos means more fun.

- Excerpts from kidstechreview

HEXBUG Nano is featured as one of the Top 10 Hot Holiday Toys for this year. It was one of the must have toys for 2009 Christmas holiday season.