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Wi-fi enabled spycam
The Meccano Spykee wifi Spycam is a spy robot kit that stands at approximately 1 foot tall. Once built, this remarkable robot acts as your walking, talking spy, a wireless VOIP phone, a webcam, a digital music player for your MP3s, and personal video surveillance thanks to Spy robot's motion detector.

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 The Meccano Spykee Spy Robot is a high tech companion at home or office. Spykee is actually a micro robot by . With  Spykee The Spy Robot, conduct surveillance into a room without having to enter it personally. Spykee is not only a security surveillance robot. It can be used for human safety in situations wherein there is a present health hazard. Spykee is actually a toy but you may use it for some serious and useful purposes.


Meccano Spykee - The Spy Robot has a built-in VOIP and Webcam. Spykee can also send the images/live video online from its camera because it has WiFi connectivity. Spykee The Spy Robot by  is a very nice toy But if you’re not fond of puzzles, you might not like this because the box of  Spykee The Spy Robot usually arrive in parts  

Spykee is a Robot that you can control with a WiFi connection from your computer
• Spykee moves, watches, hears, speaks, takes pictures, records video and sound, and can act as a surveillance camera
• Drive the spykee with a joypad or the arrows on your keyboard
• Spykee acts as a VOIP phone and webcam, so you can make free calls over the internet
• Can monitor and protect a room in surveillance mode, Spykee detects movements and will send you a picture of the intruder by email
• Built in speaker so you can listen to mp3s from your computer
• Six programed sound effects with the option to add more
• Eight different video filters allow you to personalize your video
• When the battery is nearly depleted, it will automatically find the recharging dock to recharge itself
• You can build it in 3 different designs, Robot , Scorpion , and Lunar vehicle
• Spykee parts is compatible with all  parts, so you can build anything you can think of
• Can be used as a local ad hoc Wifi network or link it up to your current Wifi network to control Spykee
• When linked to a wireless network, Spykee can be controlled within the boundary of that network’s wireless coverage