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Name Genibo SD

Dongbu Robot's Genibo 

• The new generation of robot dog!

• Mischievous and charming personality

• Acts and reacts Autonomously or via Remote Control

• Does not like to have its sides touched

• Uses built-in tilt sensor for self righting

• Place of Birth: Korea

• Available in White (Black, Blue and Pink are special order)

The Dongbu Robot's Genibo Robot Dog is a Bulterrier type dog. It has been designed in Korea where it has been extremely popular since 2005. This Genibo Dog has a mischievous and charming personality. It does not like to have its sides touched. It also loses energy and falls asleep when its owner does not pay attention to it for at least five minutes. It may cause trouble here and there, if vigilance is not kept. Your family will love your Genibo and feel it is a real pet dog. Like a real dog, Genibo can recognize your family and show you emotion!

Autonomous behavior

This advanced Korean Robot Dog can act freely and react without command. It also expresses love and charming acts towards the owner just like a real dog.

Voice Command recognition function

This dog recognizes commands when it is instructed to do something after touching the head and responds accordingly.

Self reaction function

For self reaction function, it uses built-in tilt sensor that recognizes the position and gets up on its own even when it falls to the side.

Photography function

This Robot can also photograph or transmit images real-time using the control manager.

Genibo control manager

It installs the software control manager for PC to control the robot’s movement from the PC using wireless LAN. You can also control LED in the eyes and add on new voice commands and emotion icons into the robot.

Remote controller to control

The remote control can be used to move the robot to the left, right, front and back, to act cute or to act as if peeing.

User guide

• Turn the slide switch on the Genibo chest to the right.

• Turn on the robot by pressing on the power button located below the tail until the pink LEDs turn on.

• When the Genibo’s eyes change into round shaped eyes, the robot goes into the automatic mode, acting freely and expressing emotions.

• The robot acts happily, makes sounds and expresses emotion icons of the eyes when its back is patted. 

• The robot growls when its sides are touched and move the body to avoid being touched when its sides are touched for a long time. 

• Voice command recognition method:

  - Touch the robot’s head twice

  - Wait until the eyes’ emotion icon changes into laughter

  - Clearly pronounce the command when the emotion icon changes into laughter

   (Voice command may not be recognized when the surrounding environment is noisy or when the touch on the head is not recognized)

• When the blue colored emotion icon of the battery shape is visible in the eyes (when the robot groans), it is time to recharge the robot by connecting the charger with the terminal in the stomach.


• Height: 193 mm

• Weight: 1.5 Kg


• Name: Genibo

• Type: Bulterrier

• Height: 193mm

• Weight: 1.5kg

• Sensor: 10 Channel Touch sensor

• Memory support:  Up to 32GB External SD Memory Card

• Recharge station: Yes

• Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n

• Camera: High sensitive CMOS camera

• Battery: 2600mAh Li-ion Battery

• Behavior: Autonomous 

• Personality: mischievous and charming

• Despised Behavior: Does not like to have the sides touched. Loses energy and falls asleep when the owner does not pay attention to it for at least five minutes.

• Self-reaction function: Yes

• Photography function: Yes

• Voice Recognition function: Yes

• Remote controller to control: Yes

• Genibo control manager

What Is Included?

• Genibo- Robot Dog (Touch sensor: Head (1), nose (1), side (2), back (4).  Internal sensors: distant detection sensor, voice recognition)

• Remote control 

• Control Manager Software 

• Wireless Router

• USB Network Adapter

Please email us at contactus@metalmate.in with yoru requirement details for the same. You cannot buy this product on the E-Shop.




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