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Name 3 Servo Hexapod
Code mm-kit-dy03


3 Servo Hexapod

A three servo hexapod is a programmable six legged robot. It is capable of walking forward and backward, and can turn left and right


Made up of Attractive Acrylic Chassis

Available in different colors

Precise Mechanics

Driven with High Torque Servos

Walk, Stand, Run and Strafe


Store Multiple sequences

Collaborative Mode

Realtime control from PC



Sequence can be stored

Realtime control from PC

Memory upto 10,000 actions

2.4GhZ wireless Data Transfer


Product Included


One 3-Servo Hexapod

One 16 Channel Servo Controller

One USB to serial

One Battery

Desktop software

Product Datasheet

Technical Specifications


No. of servos 3

Supply Voltage 6 V

Servo Torque 6 Kg/cm

Degree of Freedom 3 DOF

Height 105 mm

Width 182 mm

Length 170 mm

Material used Acrylic


Price Rs.9999
Estimated Shipping Time 5-10 days

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