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Name Hexbug Larva Robot
Code mm-bug-lar


Kids love insects, no really, kids seem to looove creepy crawly things. Anything that makes you scream ‘keep that thing away from me’ are the same squidgy things they want to pick up! At least with the Hexbugs you get an awesome bug toy without freaking out the parents.

Amazingly the Hexbug range has mutated again and the latest creation doesn’t even require legs! The Hexbug Larva can skilfully slither around smooth surfaces reacting to its environment. Every time the Larva detects an obstacle it instinctively changes direction and wriggles off to explore a clear, undisturbed path.


So how exactly does it know where obstacles and other Larva are? Its uses its little infrared eye (aww bless). So whenever the Larva encounters a road block, its spins round on its little wheels hidden underneath its shell, and shoots off in a new direction.


Hexbug Larva; Squiggly, squirmy, pulsating, robotic bug toy – every kids dream!


Product Features


Realistic robotic bug


Detects and avoids obstacles

Three button cell batteries are included

Measures Approx. 9.5cm x 3cm x 3.5cm

So, ya, HEXBUG Larva is a miniature autonomous robot that wriggles about rather like a bug larva . When sensors on the Larva detect an obstacle, the robot changes direction. 


Price Rs.525
Estimated Shipping Time 1-3 days

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