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Name Hexbug Nano Robot Glow In The Dark
Code mm-bug-nanog

ALERT: At Smoking Hot Prices Now!!

Product Features

The robotic creature that behaves like a bug!

Glows in the dark!

Specimens come in a tube container

Register and play online

Mix and match with other Hexbug Nano items!

Just like any other Nano, this bug comprises all the original features, such as the self-righting mechanism which allows it to correct any mistakes, such as rolling onto its back, with realistic bug like movements. The back of the Nano is decorated with a constellation graphic and a glow patch which surprisingly, glows in the dark! Powered by batteries (which are included with the bug) this Hexbug is great for creeping out friends even more than the original Hexbug, as now he can be seen scampering around, day and night!

And Hey... Do mention the colour you wish to buy in the payment remarks section. We will give you what you want! Your options are Red, White & Blue

Price Rs.299
Estimated Shipping Time 1-3 days

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