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Code mm-kit-tw096


 This \\\"Low cost educational robotics platform\\\" is designed by ThinnKWare to keep the indian education industry in focus.


This product is best suited for for various autonomous & manual robotics applications as Edge avoider , Obstacle detector , Line follower , many more....


This Platform includes:


Gear 60 Teeth- 2 Pcs.

Gear 36 Teeth- 2 Pcs.

Small C Bar- 2 Pcs.

Medium Plate- 2 Pcs.

Geared 150 RPM BO L Shape Motor with extra long shaft- 2Pcs.

Castor strip- 1 Pc.

Small Castor wheel- 1 Pc.

Axle- 2 Pcs.

Big screw-2, small screw-12, castor screw-3, spacer-4, axle lock-6 and nuts.

Wheel of 3.5 inch

Dimensions without gears: 17.2 cm*14.4 cm *9.1 cm


Dimensions with gears: 17.2 cm*14.4 cm *9.1 cm


Ground clearance: 2 Cm Approx




Highly Customizable in size

Can work with/without gears

Canmake 3 wheel drive/ 4 wheel drive.

Low cost


Price Rs.599
Estimated Shipping Time 5-10 days

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