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Name Bossa Nova Mechatar ''Wrexx'' Interactive Robot Toy
Code mm-toy-mchtr


• Wireless communication to other Mechatars

• Remote Control action

• Evolving cross-dimensional Robots

• 3 Modes of play

• Frenzied Fighter


The Bossa Nova Mechatar Wrexx Interactive Robot Toy descending from a long line of savage and warlike tribes, lives his life for the fight. Wrexx is an unusually gifted warrior who can frequently score critical damage points, but he\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s also a bit fiery and unpredictable. It uses RF technology to communicate wirelessly with other Mechatars, including Alphas, Kodars, and other Wrexx. Wrexx lives in two worlds: Earth and the Mechaverse. He evolves as he trains with other Mechatars and battles the Swarm, in the human world and in the Mechaverse.




It includes remote control to send Wrexx running across the room, to explore or seek out his adversaries. Fire his weapons at other Mechatars or at invisible enemies. It has 3 Modes of Play: Drive Mode, Battle Mode and Mission Mode.






Price Rs.3600
Estimated Shipping Time 1-3 days

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