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Name Robot 2.0 USB HUB w/ 4 Ports LED Eyes
Code mm-msc-usb1

Technical Details

Approximately 4.25 tall x 2.25 wide (at widest point) hard plastic USB hub.

USB 39 long cord USB version 2.0. included.

4 USB Outputs.

Compatible with both Windows and Mac USB ports. Connectable to external AC power


Warning! Robots are here to invade your USB ports! Plug in the Robot USB Hub to expand one regular USB port into four. This cool robot has a USB port in each of its arms and legs. Now you have room to plug in all of your computer devices and accessories at the same time. Move the robot\'s arms and legs to position it any way you\'d like. Plus it has LED light eyes that act as a power indicator. Included is a 39 long cord which makes this USB hub convenient and easy to use. Let the Robot USB Hub take over your USB ports! 


Price Rs.2500
Estimated Shipping Time 10-21 days

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