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Name Robot Technology Fundamentals (Paperback)
Code mm-msc-rtechbk

Robot Technology Fundamentals covers all the practical aspects, disciplines and latest developments of industrial robots and presents them in a simple, logical and gradually progressive manner. Principles and techniques are introduced by practical examples rather than by abstract theory. The content not only discusses current technology but emphasizes the technology of the future. Each chapter ends with a summary, questions and problems as well as a list of reference material for additional learning. 


Key Features

Emphasizes current and future technology to pique the reader\'s interest

Contains a current robot manufacturing list, innovations and Fuzzy Logic applications to provide the reader with professional and technical competencies

Each chapter contains a summary, review questions, problems and references to assist the reader in comprehension and to promote further study


Table Of Contents

Lab 1: Logic Gate Systems

Lab 2: Older Generation Logic Gate Systems Versus CPLD Systems

Lab 3: Flip Flop, Shift Registers, and Switch Bounce

Lab 4: Serial and Parallel Data Transfer Systems

Lab 5: JK Flip Flop and Counter Fundamentals

Lab 6: Digital Display Decoder System

Lab 7: 1 of X Decoder And Encoder Systems

Lab 8: Multiplexer and Demultiplexer Systems

Lab 9: Matrix Keypad System

Lab 10: Arithmetic Systems

Lab 11: Memory System Fundamentals

Lab 12: Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD)

Appendix A: The Evolution Of ROM and RAM

Appendix B: VHDL Design Guide

Appendix C: FLEX Expansion Header Guide

Appendix D: Forms And Guides For The DMD Lab 11 Project

Appendix E: Summary Sheet for FLEX Designs: Using Lab 1 as a guide

Appendix F: Altera Simulator Guide

Price Rs.450
Estimated Shipping Time 10 - 15 days

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