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Code mm-part-TW046

We feel proud to introduce the best product of industry. From now to study about Arduino platform  you are not supposed to go to classroom or any institution. Just be at home and learn the Arduino. We will always be with you in process of learning.


Kit contents:




1x DFRduino Duemilnove 328 Board

1x Prototyping Shield

1x USB Cable 

1x Mini breadbord 

20x M/M Jumper wires 

2x Red LED , 2x Green LED , 2x yellow LED

1x 7-Segment Red LED

1x 12Volts , 1 Amps power adapter

1x Sound sensor

1x Touch sensor

4x Mini Pushbutton switcher 

10x Resistor 220R 

10x Resistor 1K 

10x Resistor 10K 

CD including tuits and sample programs

Price Rs.3490
Estimated Shipping Time 5-15 days

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