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Name Robotic Explorations: A Hands-On Introduction To Engineering (Paperback)
Code mm-msc-re1

Written by one of the founders of the famous MIT \"6270\" Lego Robotic design Competition, \"Robotic Explorations: A Hands-On Introduction to Engineering\" engages students in hands-on robot building, emphasizing technological systems of all kinds--electrical, mechanical, and computational. A first text for students as well as reference for practitioners, the book provides all the practical information needed to create an introductory freshman-level laboratory class. This versatile and pioneering book sparks the imagination and leads the reader into many thought-provoking and challenging engineering situations.

\"Robotic Explorations includes: \"


  • An introduction to the field of engineering design, accessible to students at multiple undergraduate levels, with concepts relevant to electrical, mechanical, and software systems.
  • Principles of mechanical design, illustrated using the catalog of parts available in the LEGO Technic(R) system.
  • Step-by-step instructions for building \"My First Robot,\" a tutorial for beginning explorations of control.
  • Applications of various control strategies including traditional proportional/derivative feedback, behavioral robotics, and hierarchical control.
  • Designs and application ideas for robotic sensors.
  • Project guidelines for designing robot contests to facilitate students\' learning of particular engineering concepts.
  • Documentation for using educational robotics technology developed at MIT--Handy Board control hardware and Interactive C software.


This hands-on, introductory book is based on widely available, custom robotics materials (Handy Board, Interactive C, LEGO Technic). Covers sensors; motors, gears, and mechanism; control; handy board design; construction techniques; DC Motor; and more. Ideal as an introduction to electrical engineering or capstone design. Also appropriate for readers interested in electrical technology robotics.



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