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Name Hovis Eco

Dongbu Robot's Hovis Eco Humanoid Robot is a robot kit for everyone, from beginners to experts! Now using more actuators for a more flexible platform and a full body cover to make a more attractive more advanced robot.


• Robot Kit for everybody, beginners to experts.

• Brilliant full body case 20 DOF Humanoid

• Colorful head LED (Sold Separately)

• DR-Sim (3D Simulator), DR-Visual Logic (Graphical Task Editor) provided as bundle software

• Various Transformers kits

• Upgradable with MID to home service robot (Hovis App or Hovis Genie)

• Exchangeable legs to omni-directional wheel unit


• Size: 418(H) x 194mm(W) 112mm(D) • Weight: 1800g

• Flexibility: 20 DOF

• Controller: ATmega 128 MCU

• Battery: 7.4V 3000mA Li-Po Battery

• Sensor: PSD Distance Sensor and sound sensor included - Gyro sensor soon to be available as an option

• Remote: IR Remote Control included - ZigBee soon to be available as an option

• Software: DR-Sim (3D Simulator) - DR-Visual Logic (Task Editor)

• Expandable: Compatible with DRS-0201 (24Kgf.cm) - Emoticon Head Unit - Hovis App Upgrade Kit (3.5\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" Mobile Internet Device) - Omni wheel conversion available (Sold Separately) -- Full Body Cover  

20 Degrees Of Freedom

 Hovis Eco comes with 20 servos HerkuleX DRS-0101 (compatible with DRS-0201)

• Dimensions: 44.5 x 24.0 x 32.0 mm

• Weight: 45g

• Stall Torque:12kgf.cm at 7.4V

• Max Speed: 0.166s/60° at 7.4V

• Operating Angle: 320°, continuous rotation

• Communication: Full duplex asynchronous serial (TTL)

• Feedback: Position, Speed, Temperature, Load, Voltage, etc.

• Control Algorithm: PID, Feedforward, Trapezoidal Velocity Profile, Velocity Override, Torque Saturator & Offset, Overload Protection, Neutral Calibration, 54 Selectable setting parameters (Option Kit required).


From beginner to expert level, Hovis Eco can be programmed with different software which fit your needs: DR-Sim (Provided), DR-Visual Logic (Provided), Gostai Studio, URBI and Android SDK.


Shipping Weight in Pounds 10.0000

Availability Yes

Model Number DSA50100005

Controller ATmega 128 MCU

Number of Legs 2

Sensors PSD Distance Sensor and sound sensor included - Gyro sensor soon to be available as an option

Servos 20 HerkuleX DRS-0101

Package Contents HerkuleX DRS-0101 (20 Robot Servos)



Harness (3 pin connectors)

PSD Sensor

IR Receiver


Remote Control


Full Body Case

Please email us at contactus@metalmate.in with yoru requirement details for the same. You cannot buy this product on the E-Shop

Price Rs.
Estimated Shipping Time Order On Request

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