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What's being talked about?

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If you are wondering that Metalmate Inc. is marketing “ androids ”, made famous by Hollywood sci-fi movies, then NO, we don't deal with androids which have largely remained within the domain of science fiction, frequently seen in film and television.

We are into "NEXT-GEN PERSONAL TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS" (as we like to call them), globally known as personal robotic products, categorized as below along with the details.

Domestic task products  

Today, domestic task robotic products are among us: vacuum, floor cleaner, pool cleaning robot, robot lawn mower.....

As prices fall and robots become smarter and more autonomous, simple robots dedicated to a single task work in over a million homes across the globe They are taking on simple but unwanted jobs, such as vacuum cleaning and floor washing, and lawn mowing. Some find these robots to be cute and entertaining, which is one reason that they sell so well across the globe.

Robot vacuum cleaner:
The robot vacuum cleaner is touted to be the best technological advancement since the invention of the light bulb. Very much like the light bulb, the robot vacuum cleaner is useful in each and every house, and within a few years, life will be impossible without these devices.

Small disc, mostly circular, which works autonomously, senses the areas in the room where dust is present and then clean out that area, is affordable, auto-chargeable and much more....

The typical size of a robot vacuum cleaner is quite small and compact, which allows the vacuum cleaners to go under beds and sofas for cleaning.

The basic principle of a robot vacuum cleaner is to sense the areas in the room where dust is present and then clean out that area. The robot vacuum cleaners will clean out every area, and they will self-adjust to clean dustier places in a more stringent manner. When its cleaning work is done, the robot vacuum cleaner will move to the docking station, where it will stay put. Generally, a full charging process for the robot vacuum cleaner takes only about 2-3 hours.

Robot Floor washer :
Another disc shaped cleaning product known for its amazing capability for floor washing, cleans all kind of spills & dirt and is very effective against all types of germs.

A similar small circular-disc-shaped autonomous robot that simultaneously prepares, washes, scrubs, and squeegees floors without human intervention is affordable & auto-chargeable. All by itself!

A robotic floor washer moves in a precise, systematic pattern to clean every inch of a floor up to five times, ensuring effective removal of grime and dirt. As the robot passes over flooring, it sweeps up loose dirt and emits a cleaning solution while a rotary brush gently scrubs, eliminating up to 98% of common household bacteria like E. Coli. The robot is small enough to reach under cabinet s and most furniture, and avoids chair legs, carpets, and stairs using an integrated sensor that redirects the robot when it encounters an obstacle.

Another non-circular variety comes which consists of a hat-shaped frame with an electrostatic dust pad on the bottom, driven by a self-propelled ball that fits into the middle of the frame. Like others, this product is also powered by a rechargeable battery that can be plugged into house current.

Lawn mower robot:

A compact automatic lawnmower that cuts the grass all by itself designed specifically for domestic lawns is usually self-docking, nearly eliminating human interaction for mowing grass.

A robotic lawn mower can handle any lawn that a traditional gas or electric walk mower can handle, irrespective of the shape and slopes of the property, obstacles and type of lawn.

It features a battery powered three blade, a very powerful cutting system. It travels on the lawn in a systematic criss-cross pattern covering the lawn several times from side to side to ensure that the entire yard is covered and the grass is cut from several angles. This results in a healthier and better-looking lawn, and eliminates the need to collect and remove the clippings. For convenience, time saving, safety and good quality and environment-friendly mowing, go for this!

All you have to do is schedule a weekly program. It will depart from the Base Station at the pre-set scheduled days and times. At the end of each operation it returns to the Base Station for charging until the next scheduled operation. Your lawn will be maintained even when you are away from home or sleeping!  

Pool cleaning robot:

Compact devices marking the beginning of a new era in pool cleaning technology...Highly sought-after product for household as well as hospitality industry, chip-controlled pool vacuums that can clean any pool independent of its pump and filter system ...

A robotic pool cleaner is a sophisticated automatic cleaner that uses a computerised system to navigate the inside of your swimming pool, ensuring that all areas are reached. It is capable of climbing up the walls as well is crawling along the floor. It contains brushes to scrub, vacuum unit to suck dirt up, and directed jets to blast away at stains that don't come off otherwise. The best models also have built-in water filters that can help purify the water of your pool while it is working. They are capable of working without human supervision, and will keep your pool very clean. These pool cleaners have an internal microchip that performs their movements. Robotic Pool Cleaners move around your pool by either a pre-programmed pattern you enter or they have some fuzzy logic that they can "Sense" the size & shape of your pool and will cover nearly every inch.

The most obvious benefit of using one of these cleaners is that you won't have to spend anywhere near as long cleaning your pool. For the most part, you can let your robotic cleaner get on with it.

Other than the floor cleaners, lawn mowers and pool cleaners, window cleaning, wall climbing, pet litter scooper & tank cleaning domestic products are also available for advanced use.

Hobby products / Robo toys:
In today's times of internet, video game consoles, mobile phones , I-pods and much more, children no more derive pleasure out of playing simple games with ordinary toys. In an era where updated gizmo keeps getting better by the day, the wonders of robot toys fit in ever so naturally. The robot toys are marketed with a view to cater to the need of the child to have a companion who can walk and talk in today’s nuclear family setups.

Gone are the days of conventional toys and video games, Robo toys are going to be the ultimate ‘must haves' for every boy and girl in the next 2 -3 years!

A robot toy, very often confused with video games or android-shaped stagnant toys here, is very different and essentially an extremely sophisticated display of technology designed to redefine the play time otherwise spent around plastic toys, plush or soft toys or wooden toys. Robot toys that are marketed by us are not only sleek, but also more interactive with enhanced features.

The robot toys of today have come a long way sine the wind-up robot toys. In advanced Asian markets like Japan and Korea, these have caused quite a stir, with their highly innovative designs and life-like actions and movements. . Not only are the kids indulging whole heartedly in the robot toy craze, but even adults are now spending a lot of money on these highly sophisticated robot toys in the market!

From human-like robot toys to flying insects to robotic pets, these toys are great educational products that interact with and within their environment.

Robo toys are available in various forms:

Robo Pets: Worlwide, robo pets or robo animals are every kid's favourite. Targeted at low age group, ranging from dinosaurs, teddy bears, cubs, chickens and even parrots, there are a lot of robotic pet forms for today's kids to play and interact with...

Wheeled toys: Wheeled robotic toy is another rapidly emerging popular product, targeted to video-game obsessed children. These are mostly game playing toys and come in many functions and with numerous applications. This is the kind of product that will populate and dominate the robotic competitions.

Human-like toys: Control by a infra-red remote controller, these toys are human like, and are able to perform many pre-progrmmed functions similar to a normal humarn being like, walking, talking, dance, lie down, dance, fight, bend, wave and even burp! To add to these, they even have colour vision system, sound detection system, advanced interaction capabilities and much more..Comes in the male and female shape and features targeting young boys and girls respectively.

Multi-legged toys: These may resemble spiders or crabs or other bugs which reach to all touch and sound and behave like real multi-legged creatures. Each has their own sensor and capabilities. Priced very low, these are the most cute looking robo toys we have. Imagine a robo-inchworm moving around your house soon!

Fying robotic toys: Flying robotic toy is totally different than the usual radio controlled airplane toy. It can have an autopilot mode. It sensor based navigation enable it to avoid ceilings, and obstacles. Famously used by kids to do a mid-air battle. Exciting, isn't it?

Security & surveillance products

Wi-fi enabled mobile web-cam based product that is remotely controlled and lets one interact with the product's surroundings and much more, to have a high utility value in retail, household as well as health industry...

ove over stationary web cams, which have till now become a crowd favourite even in India's smaller towns where they are widely used by one to see their family and friends at a distant location. Presenting telepresence robotic products, on the move, as per your wish... Touted to be a revolutionary product in telepresence, surveillance products are essentially Wi-Fi enabled robotic webcams that move in any direction and are remotely controlled. One can view and interact with the machine's surroundings through its streaming video and audio from its built in camera. Developed to check on one's family especially small kids, old parents or pets in many cases. While away from home, watch over your house while away on vacation, or look over your pets during your lunch time.

This product is projected to have immense utility value for the corporate segment wherein in the office one can conduct movement enabled web conferences with colleagues. In India, the product is bound to find widespread acceptance in malls and shops as well as educational institutions and hospitals...

You can direct the products movements, neck mounted camera and audio from anywhere in the world, via the Internet, using any web accessible device such as a cell phone, video game console or PC. You can use the menu to set and select way points, with one click you can tell it to navigate itself to the chosen point, without having to control each step yourself. No need to be concerned about darkness as built in small lights help you guides it through dark places. No need to be bothered about it running low on power while you are gone, with self docking capabilities, wherein it goes back to its charging base to recharge with the touch of a button on your browser, wherever you are.

The NexGen study says that the next phase in the evolution of the personal robots market -- currently dominated by entertainment toy robots and robotics kits and single-task robots like vaccuming and floor-washing bots -- will involve robots partially controlled by users at remote locations...What else do we need now..!! Undoubtedly the next big thing....

Miscellaneous technology products

In line with our vision to have top-of-the-mind recall in marketing out-of-the-ordinary robotic products in India, we have other extraordinary technology products, robotic accessories, kits, books and magazines. To name a few of these technology products:

Robotic GPS based navigation system in the shape of a cute looking robotic head on your car's dashboard. Not only is it full on expressions, eyes looking happy when you are going the right way, but it is smart enough to remember where you have been, and from this information determines your driving habits and will even let you know when you're low on gas, and where is the best place to stop for gasoline on your way. And forgot to add, it is not very expensive...Must-buy , isn't it?

A running alarm clock that runs away and you have to run after it to stop it after one snooze warning. Simple. Put the alarm of your favourite waking up time and close your eyes. The next morning you open them will be to the sound of out dear clock beeping at you. Hit the snooze button and it will shut up for now. You see the next time the alarm sounds you'll be opening your eyes to see Clock scooting right off your bedside table (it can fall 3 feet!) and continue around the room, beeping until you catch it. Very cute looking product with cool wheels available in many colours. Just for your information, it is a bestseller gift of universal magnitude!

And there are many more such out-of-the ordinary products...Also, robotic themed accessories such as pen drives, lamps, speakers, robot kits/parts as well as books and magazines come under this list.

E-shop with detailed product pricing based on quantity ordered as well as special deals and offers is coming soon! Till then, to request for price quotes, mail us on sales@metalmateinc.com with the required product(s)name, quantity and delivery location.

*Images displayed are only for illustrative purposes